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* Red Flag Threshold refers to the score on any question at which an alert will be raised and emailed to you. For example, if the threshold is 3, any results of 2 or 1 will raise a red flag.

Recommendation Links (Optional)

This is an optional feature by which you can choose to display a link to an external recommendation site (e.g. A Place for Mom) after a user completes your survey. The system will only show them the link to the external review site if their ratings on your survey are high enough. That's what the recommendation link threshold is for - you change this to your desired value, so only surveys with average ratings above that value will automatically show a link to an external recommendation site. If you want to use this feature, include a Site Name and URL to your specific facility recommendation link below.
For example, the link to add a recommendation for Brookdale in Houston is:

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